Palmers Green Festival

Sunday 3rd Sept 2017 12 noon - 7pm

Broomfield Park N13

Presented by the Friends of Broomfield Park Group


Please help keep the festival going and free for everyone to enjoy

Join us on Sunday 3rd September 2017

12 to 6.30pm for a true fun, free community festival

Family friendly and FREE our community event is perfect for all ages and cultures to have fun together whilst enjoying local talents; including international food, music, dance, arts and crafts.

It’s a guaranteed fun day in the park that will definitely expand your social circle and leave you proud to be part of our wonderfully diverse community.

Please walk to the festival and leave your car at home

Our Festival Fundraising Campaign


Please help us by donating what you can towards 2017 Festival Core Costs.

You can also Donate via CAF Bank

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF BANK)

Palmers Green CIC

Account Number: 00098354

Sort Code: 40-52-40

Are you a local business looking to sponsor local events?

Are you a local fundraiser who might be able to help us raise funds?

The below figures were edited on 13/5/17 due to a reduction in costs this year

We need to raise at least £6000.00 this year

Total raised so far: £74.22

    £451.69        Public Insurance

    £390.00        Occasional Sales License - allowing stalls to sell things

    £21.00          Temporary Events Notice - allowing us to have music 

    £61.02          Music License - paid to PRS

    £120.00        Music License - Paid to PPL

    £2,000          Paid for Stewards - to keep us all safe on the day

    £558.00        Extra Toilets ...(Sponsored by Ruth Winstone Centre)

    £315.60        First Aid cover provided by St John's 

    £300.00        Stages X 2 for bowling green and the dance zone

    £400.00        Music Sound Equipment Band stand

    £100.00        Electrician - to make sure all is safely wired up

    £100.00        PR Post Cards to send to local homes

    £1,050.00     Professional Litter Pickers - paid to Enfield council. They also take it away

    £100.00        General Printing

    £6,467.31    Total we need to raise this year

Thank you to the following people for your support.

Please let us know if you do not wish your name to be listed here?

  1. J.Davies

  2. C Helly

  3. D Williamson

  4. JGH Mountain

  5. Shades of the 60s

  6. N Smyth

  7. Elaine

  8. Ruth Winstone Centre for the over 50s

  9. Joanna

  10. Susie

  11. Anne-Marie

  12. S Cook

  13. Louise

  14. .

  15. .

  16. .

  17. .

  18. .

  19. .

  20. .

        Total raised so far: £126.43 (updated 16/8/17)

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